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Thank you 2019

I’m going to start by saying – it has been a good year, a year filled with challenges, both expected and unexpected. I was in Japan twice this year, once in spring to get to know the Kansai region, and another time in summer for […]

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Minimalist – Green

The fifteen shots above are from my recent two visits to the park Planten un Blomen. The idea of shooting minimalist plant photos came to me two years ago, but for some reasons I didn’t get to it until this spring. The weather in Hamburg […]

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Four seasons in review

After coming back from my vacation in Beijing, I finally reserved some time this weekend for a summary of 2018 and a few visions for 2019. For some reason, it felt like time went by particularly fast last year, I will try to recall my […]

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Coming home

I came back home from Venice two days ago. Before I can get on working with all the photos I took during the trip, I feel like sharing a few thoughts on what it means for me to come home. A home is not necessarily […]

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End-of-year reflections

  I was picking out photos to go with this post earlier tonight, and I thought, I would like to have one from Hamburg, and another one from Beijing. Beijing is my hometown, I was there from September to October this year. Hamburg is where […]


Where did independent thinking go?

A little while back, whenever a topic about the election was raised across lunch table, I often heard the following statements: A: “I don’t want Trump to win.” B: “Who does?!” “Most of Trump’s supporters are uneducated old white men.” “We will be one step […]

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