Coming home

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I came back home from Venice two days ago. Before I can get on working with all the photos I took during the trip, I feel like sharing a few thoughts on what it means for me to come home.

A home is not necessarily a place in your hometown – I think that is clear by now.

A home is not a home, until you have left and come back to it.

A home doesn’t have to be a place you share with someone important to you.

A home is where you recover and recharge.

A home can be many other things as well. Everyone should have their own definitions.

To me, the best things about coming home after a trip are:

  • the familiar smell of wood when I opened the door
  • the most common yet familiar objects: coffee mugs, radio receiver, candle holder, pot on the stove…
  • my own cooking, even when I just came back from countries like China or Italy
  • the freedom to go from my laptop to my piano and to my yoga mat and to my bed
  • the option of making a cup of coffee or tea at any time I want

What do you like the most about coming back home?

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