End-of-year reflections

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I was picking out photos to go with this post earlier tonight, and I thought, I would like to have one from Hamburg, and another one from Beijing. Beijing is my hometown, I was there from September to October this year. Hamburg is where my home address currently is, it’s where my thoughts and memories are contained.

Now I want to briefly reflect on what happened this year. From winter to spring, I started regularly exploring new coffee spots in Hamburg during weekends. I started buying cut flowers when I knew I would not be on business trips. I also started taking more photos of architecture and figured, I would have to appreciate the north in some way in spite of a lack of mountains. In summer, I went to south Italy for vacation – my first vacation to embrace a warm place. However hot and humid, however much I dreaded the disorganized chaos, I enjoyed every bit of it. In late summer, I went back to the Alps with a map and all my outdoor stuff. How should I put it, the fact that I was there alone was enough to make me hop and run with my heart filled with uttermost joy. Although it brings a tad bit of sadness when realizing how far I would have to travel to get there now, I am actually fine with it – like I am fine in general with lots of other things in their current state. In September I went to Beijing and Tokyo, two mega capital cities. It was a lovely time to be with my parents. I realized that I was never the same as the last time I was with them, but in a good way, hopefully. In October I spent a beautiful autumn week in Switzerland for work. Afterwards I have been in Hamburg till now. December, let’s talk about December. It is cold, dark, full of holiday spirits. And however complicated, there are some unexpected changes taking place in my mind. To move forward, I must be strong, stronger; brave, more brave; and sincere, which is most important after all.

In the coming year of 2018, I would like to continue to grab onto the small happiness of life and not lose control of it. I would like to continue to be a better person – I will start with eating more healthily, being more systematic with physical activities/trainings, and spending more time on practising piano and photography. I would like not to be afraid of getting hurt or disappointed. I would like to continue my growth at work, and to reflect more often and more effectively on my shortcomings. I would not like to be arrogant at any time. I would not like to be full of myself. I would like to stay foolish and hungry.

At last, I wish you a pleasant, happy new year.

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