Wismar, Germany

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Happy first of May! I haven’t had the need to write in a long time – almost two months, that is. There has been a lot of traveling for work, a lot of work, and a lot of Sunday strolls with my camera. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with urban photography, the idea just came to me one day after living in Hamburg for a year. There are no sights of mountains here (hear my heart calling), but I’m literally living in a paradise for architecture enthusiasts. So soon enough I will begin to write about my architectural findings in Hamburg.

Yesterday, I  had in mind to do something more relaxing, and I went on a day trip to Wismar in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The place was a pleasant surprise, it was picturesque, quiet, and laidback. The laidback-ness was exactly what I had been missing, after a month of hopping between airplanes, taxis, and subway trains. Plus, the weather couldn’t be any nicer. I had such a good time wandering around by myself – I love being alone, and it was the perfect place for it.

The laidback-ness was somehow very familiar to me, yet I couldn’t think of which other city resembled Wismar. Hmmm…

I walked past many closed little shops (it was Sunday), bought a Fischbrötchen at the harbor only to have it stolen by a seagull minutes after… got a second Fischbrötchen, ate it carefully, and went to have coffee and cake in a beautiful cafe. And, I took some pictures, too.


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