Bremen, Germany

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On Saturday I went to Bremen to meet up with a colleague/friend. We spent the day strolling around the city, checking out interesting shops, and eating good food. I pretty much stopped taking weekend trips with a state ticket (Niedersachsen-Ticket, in this case) after moving to the north. It is time to be reminded how a day trip can light up the whole weekend and make it more meaningful.


Böttcherstraße, a historic street in Bremen. The street was completed in 1931 by a local coffee trader, Ludwig Roselius, the founder of today’s coffee company HAG. It is interesting that one of his visions was to have Böttcherstraße as a ‘city within a city’. Well, just another thing that Hitler did not like. So the street was largely destroyed at the end of WWII, and later rebuilt.


The architectural style of most of the Böttcherstraße is called brick expressionism. And I just learnt that Hamburg is a place where there are lots of brick expressionist buildings (makes sense!). I particularly like the tall, decorative faces, and the windows with small colonial grids. They combine very well into each other.

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