Stade, Germany

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Stade is a small town about 70 km south west of where I live in Hamburg. Honestly, Hamburg is quite a big city for me, it still feels like I’ve explored only a fraction of it. And mostly for that reason, I hadn’t taken any trips to places nearby. Today afternoon, I was in the mood of anything but staying at home. So Stade was not a bad idea.

Only after I arrived there by train, it became obvious how tired and sore I was – from all the sports I had done since last weekend. There’s a half Marathon coming up in fall, and a lengthy trip into the Alps directly after that. I really should plan my trainings better and not let excitement get in the way…

I love my job and the things I do outside work, and I do appreciate the northern landscape and architecture, but I miss the south very, very much.

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Stade. View from the other side.

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

Just feel like adding one of Speicherstadt in Hamburg as well :P

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