To beloved Ulm

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You will find here a series of photos I took with my phone in 2015 in Ulm, from spring to winter. Today is my last day in Ulm, the place where I’ve stayed the longest since I left home 10 years ago, the place where I could see myself living for the time to come. Perhaps I should clarify, I have scarcely made friends during the past three years, social life had not been a part of my life here. And yet I became friends with the city, the surroundings of where I live, the plants, the fields, the paths in forests. Through running I have gained familiarity with the smell of the air in different seasons, how the sunset looks like on different days, and the types of crops growing from spring to fall… the list can continue.

I have learnt to get along with nature, with myself, and, believe it or not, with people. I have stumbled enough times, I managed to not fall, thanks to the people (Mrs. and Prof. Schumacher, Weiwei, Leping, etc) who lent an ear in difficult times. I thank you with my most sincere heart. If only I were 10 years younger, I would send you handwritten letters in elegant stationary to tell you how sad I am to leave.

The darkest memories are to be cherished as well. My diary is full of those troubled thoughts and whatnot. I have not gotten any better at dodging the misfortune of being  sad or let down. But do I need to get better at it?

To beloved Ulm, I will miss no other places as I would miss you. Until next time, it won’t be long.


April 18, 2015: this is where I walk out of the door and start running every time.


April 18, 2015: after 20km.


May 13, 2015: barley fields and rapa fields next to my place, still growing.


May 26, 2015: Solar Equation in Münster.


June 16, 2015: a walk along the Donau after climbing.


June 19, 2015: strawberry picking with my friend Leping.


July 12, 2015: corn fields next to my place.


July 12, 2015: the barley field turned golden.

Photo 01-08-15 16 10 26

August 1, 2015: sunflowers next to the barley field, where I saw a fox and a hare.


August 12, 2015: and there’s a lavender field, too… I picked some left-overs after the harvest.


October 14, 2015: on my way to Rexroth conference get-together… ‘The city is asleep but I’m not’.


October 31, 2015: autumn is a beautiful season.


November 23, 2015: the first day of Weihnachtsmarkt in Ulm. I didn’t have time to go.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

November 28, 2015: a visit to the Weihnachtsmarkt in snow.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

November 28, 2015: angel.


December 11, 2015: sunset like this.

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