A week before departure: what’s the prognosis?

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What happens when you don’t find an outlet for your troubled feelings in time?
Do they disappear, or will they come back another time, only in an uglier form?
I think they come back sooner or later, in a much frightful way. Then you need to fight back a lot harder.
Does it sound bad enough?
Perhaps. However, you can combat with a piece of writing, the right background music, a tea light in a lantern, a glass of wine.

I wish I didn’t have to leave.
But is there any reason to stay?
Name one, then I might stay.

The saddest moment is when you realize that most people choose to live differently than the way your life is headed. Most people desire a stable way of living, which is, for some reason, exactly what you cannot seem to afford to have.

In the end, we speak of nothing hurtful.


On the same day in Oberstdorf:


A long hike in the snow.

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